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About us

FARA Foundation is a registered charity in the UK and Romania, founded in 1991 to support the poorest and most vulnerable children and young people in Romania.

Jane Nicholson founded the charity to help the children she saw suffering a life of neglect and abuse in Romania’s notorious state institutions. The word fara means “without” in Romanian and the charity was created to provide a family to those without.

Collaborating across all sections of society and cultivating relationships and partnerships, FARA Charity is today one of the largest care providers in Romania. FARA Charity strives to build a just society serving the common good with values based on Christian roots, welcoming people of all faiths and none.

FARA Charity cares for Romania’s poorest families, helping to heal abuse and trauma amongst marginalized and discriminated children and adults. Giving security and love to those who need it most – fulfilling lives, rebuilding futures, spreading hope.

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FARA Foundation is fundraising towards

Sponsor a Child

Give a child a hand up out of poverty into a brighter future FARA has helped over 200 children stay at school and gain the education needed to graduate to high school. Each child helped needs books, a schoolbag, sometimes shoes and a uniform. They need help with their homework ...

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Giving Hope at Christmas Appeal

This Christmas we are dedicated to raising funds to support vulnerable young people leaving Romania’s notorious state institutions. A childhood of neglect in a state institution leaves over 5000 18-year olds each year unprepared for independent life. FARA Charity is providing a vital lifeline to young people who ...

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